Lyn Kodjo, the celebrated French fashion designer, is proud to place its roots in the Floridian city of Miami as it debuts its inaugural resort wear collection. As the brand establishes its base in the vibrant city, it will stay true to its goal of advocating for inclusivity, body positivity, and self-expression – with Miami the perfect location to do so.


Miami is known for being a multicultural hub, bringing together a diverse group of people with a shared love of music, art, festivals, and food from all across the globe. The hum of life in this city made it the natural choice for the Lyn Kodjo brand which has a similar international focus and appreciation for culture. Not only is Miami a go-to spot for those who want to soak up the culture, but it’s also a place that has pioneered resort wear and holiday style, an industry that Lyn Kodjo has already started to break into.


Lyn Kodjo offers a distinctive and eye-catching take on resort wear, featuring traditional African-inspired patterns and silhouettes that are designed to make customers look and feel their best. The debut collection includes swimsuits, pants, scarves, and kaftans in bright and eye-catching prints, inspired by designer Lyn Kodjo’s African heritage. With a focus on creating clothes that compliment all body types and skin tones, the Lyn Kodjo brand aims to embrace the beauty of diversity and empower individuals to express themselves authentically.


“Miami is such a beautiful city, ever since I made my first visit here, I knew that it was one day going to be the home of my future fashion brand and I’m so excited that dream is finally becoming a reality,” says Lyn Kodjo, Founder and Director of the Lyn Kodjo label. “Miami has an energy that can’t be replicated and really embodies the aura that I want my clothes to have. It’s the perfect city for us to make our mark and introduce our brand to the world.”


Each piece from Lyn Kodjo has been expertly crafted from the highest-quality materials that aim to prioritize comfort, style, and longevity. Whether customers are chilling by the pool in the heat of the summer or partying with their friends on a boat cruise in the ocean, the African-inspired swimwear in the Lyn Kodjo collection promises the perfect blend of style and substance to see customers through a week-long vacation or a summer-long break.


Since the launch of their initial collection, Lyn Kodjo hopes to continue to expand their range of resort wear and attract more fashion enthusiasts from other beachy locations to embrace the bold colors, intricate patterns, and statement pieces they offer.

May 17, 2024